Mutual Membership between CMS Garden and ID4me

We are happy to announce that CMS Garden and ID4me are joining forces and are mutual members in our respective organizations.

CMS Garden is a non-profit organization founded by the communities of the largest free and open source content management systems. The major objectives are to offer a common counter-weight to the marketing power of proprietary software and to inspire young talents. Providing infrastructure for cross-CMS initiatives, CMS Garden is a hub for  institutions, organizations, and the CMS communities.

After interesting conversations at CloudFest 2019 in Rust, ID4me AISBL became an official member in the CMS Garden Community. CMS Garden represents all relevant open source CMSs in one place. “We share a common philosophy: We believe in the power and impact of open source. This partnership was a no-brainer to us,” states ID4me Chairman Andreas Gauger.

During the CloudFest Hackathon 12 relying party integrations were developed. Several of the plugins are integrations within the CMS Garden community, such as the ID4me WordPress Plugin which has been released in August 2019 at

CMS Garden inspired the ID4me team as well to create an engagement group focused on communities like theirs. Pawel Kowalik, the Chair of ID4me’s engagement group, took part in CMS Gardens annual unconference in November 2019 and spoke about “Open Single-Sign-On. Way to go or a (wet) dream”. Pawel shared the vision and current development of ID4me with and for FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) CMS Communities followed by an active open discussion about Open SSO solutions and the challenges and requirements for wider adoption.

We are very happy to announce, that CMS Gardens’ board decided during their board meeting in December to become a member of ID4me AISBL.

“ID4me is one of the projects the FOSS world has been waiting for. It’s about freedom, governance, owning your data. Of course it’s not the first project ever in that field but ID4me is already having an impact. We share the comprehension that good solutions need strong promotion to really make a difference. We are very happy about our collaboration with ID4me,” says Meike Jung, member of the executive board, CMS Garden e. V.

We are looking forward to a productive cooperation for the benefit of open source CMS and secure digital identities. With strong communities joining forces, users will benefit from an open internet.