CloudFest rocks: The PluginFiesta Hackathon marked an amazing kick off for ID4me

After working towards our public beta launch during CloudFest the ID4me team had high expectations. Yet they were exceeded. The hackathon PluginFiesta already kicked off amazing, with 18 participants. They developed 12 relying party integrations and 2 Authority / Agent integrations – an amazing proof for the ID4me protocol. But let’s see for yourself Pawel presenting the hackathon results during CloudFest:

Andreas Gauger is a pioneer in the hosting industry and played a major role in shaping the cloud and hosting market since the 1990s.
During his keynote he did reveal a secret and quite powerful conversion and retention killer that is typically
not discussed in marketing or management meetings during his keynote

“A new feature for domains immunizes against the most secret conversion and retention killer.“

In case you missed his session, we highly recommend to reach out to us for an individual one or lean back and watch the video:

Last but not least, we hosted a Bootcamp with the title „Fixing the login – onboard and retain customers at ease!“

Pawel Kowalik and Alex Schwertner provided a live demo, showed the latest news and we were thrilled about that so many joined us Wednesday late afternoon
and participated very actively. Thank you for your feedback and contribution !!!