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The Technical Competence Group

  • owns the technical specification of the ID4me technology
  • liaisons with other relevant standardization bodies (OIDF, IETF)
  • maintains an open repository of specifications, useful guides and reference implementations for interested parties (registries, registrars, webshops)
  • is a forum of support and exchange for everything related to the ID4me technology.


We meet at least once a year at the ID4me Summit, but interim meetings are possible if the needs arise.

Our official communication channel is the ID4me Technical WG mailing list, subscription is open to everybody and archives are openly accessible.

We also communicate via different Slack Channels on the official ID4me Slack Workspace 

  • #specupdates – Notification about changes in the specs
  • #rp_lib_tech_support – Technical Support for Relying Party libraries
  • #techwg_ux – Discussion of User eXperience topics in the current deployment

Feel free to join us or even maybe create your own channel for a dedicated discussion!

Group Lead: Marcos Sanz Grossón

Repositories and issue tracking 

We use the ID4me Gitlab Group as a repository for all, our specs, our code and open issues.

Subgroups and projects are highly dynamic, so we won’t list them here again, but two of them are special:

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