The password-challenge

  • In 2016, the average user has at least 90 online accounts
  • The number of accounts is trending at 14% growth year over year, meaning it doubles every 5 years
  • In 2020, the average number of accounts per Internet user will be 207!

Are you ready to remember 207 login and password combos?

What's in it for you?

  • One ID for everything instead of remembering hundreds of usernames and passwords
  • SECURE: no password recycling, no lousy websites leaking accounts, just log in once at the provider of your choice
  • PRIVACY FRIENDLY: You take control of who you give access to your data, you can revoke your consent – and only you can keep track of it. Nobody else!
  • FREEDOM OF CHOICE: The identity remains portable. That means you can select and change your provider
  • EFFORTLESS: You can push data updates to whom you choose, e.g. in case you move or change your phone number

Where Can I Get An ID4me Identity ?

We are currently working with many companies to enable them to provide ID4me Identities.

Current providers are:


Where can you login with ID4me ?


Benefits for Users

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