Introductory documents

General overview – V.1.2 (20 March 2018)

Technical overview – V.1.3 (12 June 2018)

Public specifications

Internet draft:
“An Architecture for a Public Identity Infrastructure Based on DNS and OpenID Connect”

Internet draft:
“OpenID Connect DNS-based Discovery”

Technical Specification:
“ID4me Technical Specification”

Implementer’s Guide:
“ID4me Relying Party Implementer’s Guide”

Conference papers

Other project documents

Licensing Guidelines – V.1.0 (21 May 2018)

Gitlab Repository

Slack Channel

Running Endpoints

ID4me Demo Agent
ID4me Authority Issuer
ID4me Authority Dashboard
ID4me Relying Party (Open-Xchange Account)

For any on boarding questions please contact our technical support.

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