Open, Global, Federated Standard For The Digital Identity Management
The initiative’s mission is to provide end-users with open and internationally available identity services that adhere to security and data protection standards, that foster user choice, and that avoid identity lock-ins
Who we are
Non-For-Profit Organization With A Federated Approach

ID4me is an open group of Internet service providers, software developers, and other entities that care about the future of the Internet and want to defend its distributed and federated architecture when it comes to digital identities.


Open, global, federated standard to manage online identities.


Provide an open and globally available Single Sign-On, adhering to security and data protection standards, which foster user choice and avoid identity lock-ins.


ID4me is a non-for-profit organisation. The members stand for an open internet who build and support a federation of identity providers which are committing to an open, transparent and binding policy framework around the ID4me standard.

Meet the ID4me Team !

Tech-Enthusiasts, Internet-Lovers And Dreamers: That’s Who We Are!


Andreas Gauger

Chairman of the board

Andreas Gauger is a pioneer in the hosting industry and played a major role in shaping the cloud and hosting market since the 1990s.


Thomas Keller

Board Member

Tom Keller is Head of Domains at 1&1 IONOS and represents one of the ID4me founding members.


Rafael Laguna

Board Member

Rafael Laguna is CEO of Open-Xchange and represents one of the ID4me founding members.


Dr. Jörg Schweiger

Board Member

Joerg is CEO of DENIC e.G. and represents one of the ID4me founding members.


Katja Speck

Managing Director

Katja has been in the Cloud and SaaS Industry for over a decade.


Jenny Menhart

Chair Technical Working Group

With over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, Jenny is a proven expert in Marketing and Communications.


Marcos Sanz Grosson

Chair Technical Working Group

Marcos is Head of R&D at the German domain name registry DENIC and Chair of the Technical Working Group at ID4me.


Neal Mc Pherson

Chair Adoption Working Group

Neal is Domains Product Manager at 1&1 IONOS and Chair of the ID4me Adoption Working Group.


Vittorio Bertola

Chair of Governance Working Group

Vittorio is Head of Policy and Innovation at Open-Xchange and Chair of the ID4me Governance Working Group.


Pawel Kowalik

Chair Community Competence Group

Pawel is Head of Product Owners Domains at 1&1 IONOS and Chair of the ID4me Community Competence Group.

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