First ID agent hackathon about DENIC ID – based on ID4me protocol

The feedback during the first ID agent hackathon about DENIC ID has been very positive. Developers have been working on the role integration of the ID agent under Perl, Ruby and PHP.

The ID4me hackathon at CloudFest resulted in a large number of integrable plugins for ID4me login partners. Since then the focus on DENICs headquarter has been on developing solutions for ID agents. An ID agent offers its customers the possibility to set up an ID account, a personal ID4me.
That does not only add a real additional benefit to a domain but as well increase conversion rates for login partners thus lowering user acquisition costs.

Ten developers from six DENIC members worked closely to implement the AIM (Agent Identity management), among them Christian Möller and Sebastian Strauch from DENIC’s developers team as well as Pawel Kowalik, Chair of ID4me’s Community Competence group who has been leading the ID4me Plugin Fiesta Hackathon at CloudFest.

The hackathon results are available through Gitlab:


Gitlab denic id:

Gitlab Perl:

Gitlab Ruby:

Gitlab PHP: 

Photo first ID agent hackathon by DENIC eG