ID4me featured in the new issue of dotmagazine

Neal McPherson from 1&1 IONOS writes on dotmagazine about handing back control of data & identity management to the user through implementing the open ID4me single sign-on standard.

“This is the identity solution the Internet founders would have built.”  Andreas Gauger, Chairman ID4me Foundation
“As groundbreaking as a single sign-on service might be, it has to be embraced by users. Someone has to get the ball rolling, create added value and a network effect for ID4me.  And this is exactly what we’ve set out to do. We at 1&1 IONOS believe strongly in this, and are happy to be first movers and investors in this space. Not doing it – and letting proprietary solutions dominate the identity landscape – is a much greater risk.” Achim Weiss, CEO at 1&1 IONOS

Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash