Tired of remembering hundreds of usernames and passwords? With ID4me, you only have one account to manage – and you can add as much information into it as you like, so that you never have to type it again.​


No password recycling, no lousy websites leaking accounts: with ID4me, you only log in once at the provider of your choice, and you only have one account and one password to secure.​


Why would you connect all your logins with your social media account and get them all tracked? With ID4me, you can pick a privacy-friendly company to host your identity – or even host it yourself.


Do you really want to lock your personal information inside someone’s closed system? ID4me is an open, public standard that allows you to move your data to any compatible provider.​


If you manage a website, a web shop, are an ISP, a domain name registrar, a registry, provide a
SaaS or aaS solution and offer a Login – there are many reasons to join and implement ID4me.


Learn how to join ID4me as a member, supporter or login partner.

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Documents & Sandbox

Want to know how easy and fast it is to implement the ID4me protocol ? The average implementation time for a partner to implement the ID4me login on their website or application is less than 30 minutes.

Documents & Sandbox

Welcome to our documentation, code and developers section.

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For Users

Tired of remembering hundreds of usernames and passwords ?
Find a secure solution where you are the master of your data.

For Users

With ID4me, you only have one account to manage.

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Members & Supporters

The growing list of our members and supporters

We proudly present the ID4me community represented by members, supporting associations and login partners who have already implemented the ID4me Login or are planning to within the next months.

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