ID4me is an open project that aims to create and promote a public standard to make online identities accessible to everyone, benefitting the entire Internet. To reach this objective, we need support and participation.

If you are running a consumer website, you can implement the “relying party” role and accept ID4me identifiers for login. This will make life easier to your users, it will free you from the need to secure their passwords, and it will also give you instant access to all the users that will receive an ID4me identifier from their ISP or domain registrar.

If you are a telco, an ISP, a domain name registrar or registry, or another online service providing accounts to customers or managing domain names, you can implement the “agent” and/or “authority” role and transform all your accounts into ID4me identifiers, allowing your users to log with those credentials into any service supporting ID4me. This will provide additional value to your users, increase the appeal of your services (and, if they are paid, the resulting revenue streams), and help the Internet to remain open and free.

Once the project is complete, there will be off-the-shelf libraries and applications to support the implementation (though the standard is so simple that any standard OpenID Connect deployment can be quickly extended to support ID4me). At the time being, however, we are looking for people and parties that believe in the concept and want to be part of its development. We are setting up a non-profit association that will coordinate efforts, and we encourage you to contact us and join the movement. Thank you!